Client Testimonials

Our clients are happy with our work, and we are confident that you will be too.  Why?

You will speak directly with an attorney.

  • Unlike many who utilize non-attorney staff to do the day-to-day on claims, the majority of the work on your claim will be completed by an attorney.  This is done to ensure your claim is handled properly and inline with the Social Security Administration’s rules and procedures.

We Have Experience.

At Southern California Disability Attorneys, we have had experience:

  • Filing and appealing hundreds of claims
  • Representing hundreds of claimants at disability hearings throughout Southern California
  • Writing hundreds of briefs and legal documents on behalf of claimants and
  • Advising thousands of claimants on the strength and strategy of their claims.

We’re Local.

  • Though it’s not always necessary, sometimes it’s helpful to meet with you in person.  Whereas many other firms are located in other states and cannot possibly meet you in person, we are located in downtown Los Angeles, and are accessible to most Southern California claimants.
  • Unlike non-local attorneys, we have experience with the judges that will be deciding your claim.  Judges are different, and knowing what a Judge expects AND what to expect from a Judge can make a big difference.

We Care About the Outcome of Your Claim.

The most important question you should ask an attorney you are thinking of hiring to represent you in your disability claim is, “Is the individual outcome of my claim important?”

  • Very large firms take on hundreds if not thousands of new clients per month.  This means the individual outcome of a claim is unimportant so long as a majority of claims overall end up winning.  Be aware of how many claimants your attorney is representing because the more claimants an attorney represents the LESS individual attention you will receive.
  • At Southern California Disability Attorneys, the outcome of your claim is important to us.


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